07/24/17 – 07/25/17


On Monday, my first real day here, we ate poptarts for breakfast. Then we went to the next bigger city to go shopping with the mother and the aunt of my hostmom. We arrived at Academy (a big store for sport and outdoor) everything was so much bigger than in Germany and they had such a great variety of all articles. I also went to Walmart for the first time, I was really looking forward to that, because I heard a lot about this store before. After the shopping, we went to eat at McDonald’s.

The next day, we just stayed at home and played outside in the backyard. I played some games with my brothers. After lunch, we went outside and my hostmom showed me arround their camper. It was iyeresting to see how much differences there are between American European Campers! I finished unpacking my suitcase and packed my bag for our camping trip, because we went to go camping the next day.




I woke up this morning and packed the last things in my suitcase. Then, we went in the car and drove to my grandparents house, because they also wanted to say goodbye at the airport, so we all went there. After we arrived, we had to go to check in. We had some problems there, but after 45 minutes, everything was ok. My family had a gift for me, that they gave me. It was a necklace for my sister and me. Each of us got half of a heart, mine said big sis and my sister’s lil sis.  Then it was already time to say goodbye to my family. It was really sad, especially when I hugged my sister. Me and my dad went through the security check and arrived at the terminal. I thought we would have about 30 minutes left together, but immediately after we went there, I already had to go on the plane. My boarding started earlier than the normal one, because I wasn’t 16 yet. 30 minutes later all the other people came in the plane. We started our 10 hour flight. During that time, I read my farewell book, watched some movies and took some pictures. I was too excited to fall asleep, so I was really tired for the rest of the day. We ate vegan lasagna for lunch, and some crackers as a snack. The food was not the best food, but I thought it would taste worse. After a little bit over 10 hours, we arrived at the international airport in Houston. A security guard brought me to my hostfamily. They were waiting for me with 2 cute posters. We went to their car and my brothers and me fall asleep during the 3 hour car ride to our house. After we arrived, they showed me the whole house, and I was so amazed of how everything looks so different. My hostfamily put a box with some cute gifts in my room, which I got for my arrival. I unpacked the gifts for my hostfamily and they really liked them. After that, we had Burger King for dinner and I went to bed, because I was really tired after that long day.